VUKU SHOPPING CARD is a virtual Visa card created for HALIVUKU members. When you get rewarded from HALIVUKU, the money is credited to your VUKU SHOPPING CARD.


VUKU SHOPPING CARD is a virtual Visa card so that you can use it for your online payments. Any online marketplace/merchant which accepts Visa cards can be paid by VUKU SHOPPING CARD. Of course, you can use it when you check out at HALIVUKU!

It is a Visa card, so use it as a regular Visa card on Amazon, eBay, Walmart.com and other online marketplaces/merchants.


Yes, you can. When the balance on your VUKU SHOPPING CARD exceeds US$50, you can transfer the balance to your bank account anytime you want.

Our service provider charges you US$2 per transaction for local payment (to US bank accounts). The transaction fee is debited to the amount you transferred.

You can transfer money from VUKU SHOPPING CARD to your bank account. You need to submit your bank account information at first initiation, and it takes 1-10 minutes for us to review it. Once the bank account is verified, you can transfer the money anytime.

Yes, you can. (It is a Visa card.)

Yes, you can. It takes 1-10 mins for us to review it. Please initiate a transfer when it is verified.

It takes 7 business days for our service provider to process the transaction. It means if you submit a balance transfer request on day T, you will receive the transfer on day T+7 (in business days).

Yes, you can. The transaction fee is US$25-45, and it takes 10-12 business days to arrive.